The Arm-adillo Pencil Case

The Arm-adillo is a case that straps to your wrist. It has loops for carrying pencils, pens, and other art materials. Has a sewn in elastic band to strap to nearly any sketchbook or tablet. And has a magnet so you can attached your pencils on any metal surface.

I hated putting my pencils in my pants pocket , only to poke myself if I sat down. Or reaching into a pocket and poking my fingers. I created this as a fashionable armband that I could also keep my pencils in . A lot of people kept asking me where I bought it. After a few dozen people asked, I figured I should sell them to people.

Its amazingly useful to have your pencils at your side when you are out sketching.

What Does it do?

-Organizes 8 art utensils,
-Can strap to the wrist, or sketchbook, or IPAD.
-Has a magnet sewn inside the right corner, this allows you to hang your supplies from any reactive surface.

-Material is made of an altered super suede
-Elastic band sewn in the back to allow for stretching over nearly any sized sketchbook
-A potent magnet sewn in the side for attaching
-Velcro providing a one size fits all
-machine washable

Because each Arm-Adillo Pencil Case is a handmade it may have slight variations from the photograph.

Everything is synthetic.

On purchase, send me a message with the circumference size of your wrist.

FREE gift on purchase.

*Pens in picture not included*
All rights reserved. Copyright Arm-adillo, Enrique Plazola

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